Information, Communications & Digital Media

Ontario’s Information, Communications and Digital Media (ICDM) sector is strong and diverse. Applications abound in optical transport technology, broadcasting, wireless access, semiconductor design, complex electronics manufacturing, computer-aided design and modelling software, complex software systems, fixed and mobile software applications, and many more. The strength of the sector lies in the co-existence of technology developers and content creators.

ICDM is really the basis of the evolution of all sectors – its contribution to the Ontario economy is immense. Ontario Centres of Excellence’s (OCE) goal in focusing on the ICDM sector is to help support the development of ICDM as a sector in its own right and to help it to integrate with economic sectors where it is not yet ubiquitous. By fostering collaboration between key economic stakeholders — academics, industrialists, and government agencies — OCE promotes multiplatform, multidisciplinary and multimedia convergence as a means to develop Ontario’s leadership and global competitive advantage.

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