Comment Policy

The purpose of Ontario Centres of Excellence’s (OCE’s) Blog is to promote the culture of innovation by facilitating discussion about innovation, entrepreneurship and related topics. The blog aims to provide useful and insightful content.

OCE will also be inviting guest bloggers from the innovation community to blog about their knowledge, insights and experiences.  The views of these guest bloggers and the commenters who respond do not represent the views of OCE or its staff.

We are excited to have you join the conversation, and we appreciate your comments. Because this blog represents the opportunity to participate in discussions, you should know what it means to post a comment on this blog:

  • Once you post a comment, you cannot change or delete it. 
  • By posting a comment, you acknowledge and agree that it is not confidential and that if it isn’t your own you have permission to post it. 
  • By posting it, you are also giving OCE the right to re-use the content of your comment in any way. 

Although you cannot edit or delete your comments once they are posted, OCE reserves the right to remove any comments that are contrary to the spirit of discussion about innovation, entrepreneurship and related topics. These include, but are not limited to, comments that:

  • Break copyright laws or any other laws
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The guidelines contained in this comment policy also apply to OCE’s social media channels, including, but not limited to: Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn.