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  • January 22, 2016, NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE

    The $20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE will challenge the world to reimagine what we can do with CO2emissions by incentivizing and accelerating the development of technologies that convert CO2 into valuable products. These technologies have the potential to transform how the world approaches CO2 mitigation, and reduce the cost of managing CO2.

    Competition Overview

    The competition will have two tracks – one focused on testing technologies at a coal power plant and one focused on testing technologies at a natural gas power plant. Each track will operate as a separate competition on the same timeline.

    Teams will compete in three rounds for a total prize purse of $20 million:

    • Round 1: Teams will choose a track and submit technical and business information about their technology, process, potential products, and how they plan to achieve the technical requirements and goals of the competition. Teams will be assessed and ranked based on these submissions. In each track, up to 15 teams will move onto Round 2.
    • Round 2: Teams will demonstrate technologies in a controlled environment (such as a laboratory), using a simulated power plant flue gas stream. Teams must meet minimum requirements and will be scored on how much CO2 they convert and the net value of their products. In each track, up to 5 teams will move onto Round 3 and share a $2.5 million milestone purse.
    • Round 3: Teams will demonstrate technologies under real world conditions, at a larger scale. Teams will have access to two test centers adjacent to existing power plants, and will prove their technologies using actual power plant flue gas. Teams must meet minimum requirements and will be scored on how much CO2 they convert and the net value of their products. In each track, the winner will be awarded a $7.5 million grand prize.


    The Carbon XPRIZE seeks to inspire the brightest minds around the world to tackle a significant challenge and help solve climate change.

    The prize will incentivize development of new and emerging CO2 conversion technologies, accelerating them from laboratory testing to demonstration under real world conditions. The prize will help identify the most promising pathways for CO2 conversion and prove they can be deployed at power plants and other industrial facilities.

    Ultimately, the impact of the prize will go far beyond the critical demonstration of innovative technologies, by inspiring transformation, enabling new markets, and empowering people to be a part of the solution to one of our world’s grandest challenges.

    Registration is now open. 
  • February 24, 2016Toronto, ONAdvancingEducation Partnering Forum

    Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) is launching a new $5 million program that aims to develop innovative new technologies, products and services to enhance Ontario's public education system.

    The AdvancingEducation program, with funding from Ontario's Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, will support up to 10 projects connecting Ontario's English and French public elementary and high schools, and post-secondary institutions with Ontario companies to test early market interest and demonstrate innovative products and technologies in an education setting.

    Expressions of interest are now being accepted with selected full proposals due in June. The first round of five successful applications will be announced and begin work in September.

    OCE is holding a partnering forum to bring together the education sector, industry and academic partners to learn more about the program and foster project collaborations.