International Commercialization Forum

In 2011, Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) hosted the inaugural International Commercialization Forum, an interactive two-day forum in Ottawa. Attracting over 70 of the world’s brightest minds from academia, government and industry — representing 18 countries and eight provinces — this event provided an opportunity to share the most compelling ideas to improve the state of global innovation and advanced commercialization.

A groundbreaking outcome from the forum was the formation of the International Commercialization Alliance (ICA) with 47 founding members signing on from 18 countries. The objective of the ICA is to create a formal, structured alliance that will focus on exemplary practices and emerging models to build sustainable, innovative companies that are based on the results of publicly funded research. 

The annual by-invitation only Forum brings together a select group of experts to engage in interactive sessions and discuss exemplary practices in commercializing research results and evidence-based effective innovation models from around the world. Participants share the most compelling novel ideas to improve the state of global innovation.