• Nadia110

    From flash cards to a life skills app for tablets and phones

    Aug 24, 2015From flash cards to a life skills app for tablets and phones
    For entrepreneur Nadia Hamilton, growing up with a brother with autism ignited a lifelong passion to help those living with cognitive special needs. Now she has built a company and developed an innovative mobile app that has the potential to help people with autism and other special needs all over the world.
  • OCAD_lead110

    Foot-powered washing machine cleans up with major award

    Aug 19, 2015Foot-powered washing machine cleans up with major award
    Drumi, the foot-powered washing machine designed by Yi Jiang (BDes, Industrial Design, 2013), has been awarded $3,500 from the James Dyson Foundation. Drumi came in first out of 65 Canadian applicants. Now, the ingenious device will move on to the international portion of the competition, along with 100 finalists from 20 countries.

OCE In The News

  • August 28, 2015 – WireServiceSmarter Alloys, Led by University of Waterloo Alumni, Returns to Waterloo Region
    For Ibraheem Khan, PhD, there was really only one option when it came to deciding to relocate his company’s headquarters. A former University of Waterloo graduate, Dr. Khan is an admirer of the Waterloo Region’s vibrant lifestyle and access to talent, making the Region his primary choice with which to add his company’s, Smarter Alloys, unique flair to our diverse and entrepreneurial culture of innovation.
  • August 27, 2015 – Canadian Healthcare TechnologyMackenzie Health launches second phase of Innovation Unit

    Mackenzie Health has announced the second phase of its Innovation Unit, a living laboratory with 34-beds that is about to implement and test smart messaging and clinical alerting, in conjunction with partners BlackBerry, Cisco and Thoughtwire.
    The innovative hospital also announced the launch of its Mackenzie Innovation Institute (Mi2 – pronounced Mi squared), which will manage the innovation unit.
    Mi2 has benefited from a $350,000 award from the Ontario Centres of Excellence, given earlier this year, along with contributions from the partners that have boosted the amount invested in the project to over $1 million in cash, equipment, software and services.