Revised submission process and dates for Quebec/Ontario CQDM Funding Program

August 8, 2012

Letters of intent due September 28, 2012; Full submissions due December 20, 2012

Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) is partnering with the Quebec Consortium for Drug Discovery (CQDM), the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) and MaRS Innovation to create a joint funding program focused on biomedical research in Quebec and in Ontario.

The Quebec Consortium for Drug Discovery (CQDM) has recently announced changes to its Quebec/Ontario CQDM Funding Program, in partnership with the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI), Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and MaRS Innovation. These changes, made in response to feedback from researchers, affect both the proposal submission and evaluation process. The new process begins with a letter of intent, due September 28, 2012.

Focused on biomedical research in Quebec and in Ontario, the Quebec/Ontario CQDM Funding Program promotes creativity, innovation and collaboration between academic institutions and private organizations such as biotech and contract research organizations (CRO), aligning scientific and business resources and expertise between the provinces for success. Funding finances R&D in the area of transformative new technologies or tools for biopharmaceutical research. 

There will be only one round of applications for this program for the 2012-13 year. In lieu of full applications, applicants are asked to submit a letter of intent for the September 28, 2012 deadline. CQDM's Strategic Orientation Committee will evaluate letters of intent and select candidates to submit full applications due December 20, 2012. Full proposals will be evaluated by an international peer review committee and CQDM's Strategic Orientation Committee, which will inform CQDM's Board of Directors for final selection.

For full details on the program, please refer to the revised program guidelines and letter of intent form.

OCE will will work through its submissions for Market Readiness and Collaborative Research funding to identify opportunities that may be a match for the Quebec/Ontario CQDM Funding Program.