Advancing manufacturing in Ontario

March 15, 2013

Ontario Centres of Excellence is playing a role in helping to determine direction for the province’s manufacturing sector. 

Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) is currently soliciting the views and recommendations of representatives of this critical sector to inform the development of a strategy aimed at overcoming any current obstacles and propelling economic growth. 

OCE is helping to sponsor a series of roundtables currently taking place across Ontario to examine challenges facing manufacturers and allow participants to express their opinions on how to move forward. OCE business development managers will participate in the discussions with business leaders and help develop recommendations. 

“We are very pleased to contribute to this process,” says Senior Vice President, Bob Civak. “OCE sees manufacturing as a critical source of innovation and competitiveness and wants to be part of bringing the best ideas forward as we plan for the future.”

Advanced manufacturing is one of four sectors of focus at OCE, along with energy and the environment; advanced health technologies; and information, communications and digital media. Twenty nine per cent of OCE’s innovation funding is invested in projects relating to the manufacturing sector. 

The results from the roundtables will be presented to interested parties at a workshop associated with OCE’s Discovery, the organization’s multiple, national award-winning trade show. This will also be an opportunity for participants to focus specifically on issues related to productivity and innovation and the most effective models for transforming new and creative ideas into game-changing manufacturing products and processes. 
“This provides OCE with a critical opportunity to apply its extensive knowledge of Ontario’s manufacturing industry and strong relationships with Ontario’s leading-edge academic research community to help develop a practical action plan to move manufacturing to the next level in Ontario for the benefit of all Ontarians," says Ross Bradsen, Regional Director for Southwestern Ontario and Sector Lead for Advanced Manufacturing, OCE.