Expert Advice Available at Discovery

May 8, 2013

Looking to expand on the speed mentoring efforts of last year’s Guinness World Record, this year’s Discovery will give aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to “Ask an Expert.” The Ask an Expert event will allow participants to connect with seasoned experts in various categories on the Discovery show floor. Entrepreneurs can book a meeting with one of the experts in advance to make connections, and gain knowledge to help them launch their ideas or products. 

Ask an Expert at Discovery will host approximately 30 experts in five different categories: 

  • Investor; experts looking  to potentially invest in a business to help make it more profitable
  • Entrepreneur; experts giving advice on how to start a business
  • Customer; experts looking to partner or purchase start-up companies
  • Innovation Agent; experts giving advice on government programming and expert opportunities
  • Professional Services; experts giving legal or accounting advice 
Some mentors that have already been confirmed for the Ask an Expert event include:
These meetings can prove to be invaluable to aspiring entrepreneurs as they look to gain exposure for their business and seek solutions to their business challenges. They may provide the right advice to get an idea off the ground or even the necessary funding to make a dream become reality. 

Last year’s World’s Largest Business Speed Mentoring Event, set the Guinness World Record for most people attending a business speed networking event and gave young entrepreneurs some valuable knowledge. While the Guinness event allowed participants to get short bursts of advice from many different mentors, this year’s Ask an Expert event provides an extended experience. 

Meetings between mentor and mentee will be longer, booked at 10 minutes each, with more time for discussion so participants can get more information and advice, workshop a problem, or review particular items in their business plan with the mentor they have selected.

To take advantage of Ask an Expert, register for Discovery and fill out the “Ask an Expert” section on the registration form. If you’ve already registered, or are interested in mentoring, contact us.