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As part of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE), the Government of Ontario asked OCE to administer the Industry Academic Collaboration Program (IACP). Funded by the Province, IACP is designed to leverage the full capacity of Ontario’s research institutions in order to help technology-based companies create jobs and prosperity by commercializing Ontario-based research discoveries.

Under IACP, OCE offers new programs that are responsive, flexible and adaptive to change, and better serve researchers, entrepreneurs and high-potential companies who show strong promise for commercial success. The program consists of Collaborative Commercialization and Entrepreneurial Talent .

Responding to recommendations made by the Jobs and Prosperity Council report, the Province of Ontario asked Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) to administer the Collaboration Voucher Program as well – a program designed to have businesses work in partnership with research institutions to advance research into strong innovation and commercialization outcomes. The Collaboration Voucher program consists of four different vouchers: Voucher for Innovation and Productivity (VIP), Voucher for Commercialization, Voucher for E-Business (VEB) and the Voucher for Industry Association R&D Challenge (VIA).

OCE also manages the Special Energy Fund Program, the Experiential Learning Program and the Social Innovation Program for the province.

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