China Angels Mentorship Program (CAMP)

Having direct business ties to the Chinese marketplace is more important than ever for start-ups seeking an international presence. The China Angels Mentorship Program (CAMP), a joint initiative of Ontario Centres of Excellence and the China Canada Angels Alliance (CCAA), is a virtual incubation program designed to create value for early-stage companies looking to enter the Chinese market.  

CAMP is committed to building a cross-border ecosystem for innovative, early-stage Canadian companies that are interested in doing business in China, the world’s largest and fastest growing market. CAMP will help these companies shape their business model to fit the Chinese market, enter the marketplace and begin to scale their businesses. CAMP also provides a gateway for mature Chinese companies looking to partner in North America.

Through participation in CAMP, companies will:

  • Build their network (partners, mentors, and government representatives)
  • Gain a deeper understanding of key global market trends and opportunities
  • Meet leading Chinese VC and angel investors
  • Visit with top companies in China to gain valuable on-the-ground perspective
  • Work with leading investment and industry mentors
  • Gain direct business ties to the Chinese market
  • Receive an initial seed investment from $100,000 to $500,000 from CCAA investors, with possible co-investment by OCE through its Market Readiness Program
  • Learn valuable cultural insights about the Chinese market
  • Join an expanding CAMP community of entrepreneurs and mentors
  • Receive ongoing support for market expansion in China

CAMP is a cohort-based program. For each cohort, OCE and CCAA will select early-stage companies that will obtain investment and mentorship opportunities from prominent Chinese angels. These entrepreneurs will then spend the next year building a relationship in both Ontario and China with the investors and mentors, learning how to adapt their business plans towards successfully entering the Chinese market. As part of this unique mentorship experience, the companies will travel to China to work with their investors overseas, giving them the unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the Chinese culture and market.

How CAMP Works

OCE will assist CCAA in identifying companies for potential investment by CCAA investors through the CAMP initiative. CCAA will evaluate the potential investment opportunities and be responsible for the final selection of companies for investment and participation in CAMP.  Any co-investment by OCE will be on a case-by-case basis through OCE’s Market Readiness Program, subject to program eligibility and selection criteria.

While CAMP may consider companies from any sector, preference is given to the following markets: information technology (ICT), healthcare IT, medical devices, clean technology, mobile, and virtual reality.

Additional details on CAMP and CCAA can be found on the CAMP website.

Program Components

1. Capital investment between $100,000 and $500,000 by CCAA investors, with potential co-investment by OCE through its Market Readiness Program.  
  • The CCAA investment will be subject to a final term sheet. For each investment, CCAA investors will take an equity position in the investee company. Sample CCAA investment term sheet
  • OCE co-investment will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Any co-investment by OCE will be made through OCE’s Market Readiness Program and subject to program eligibility and selection criteria.  For co-investments at the Market Readiness Customer Creation stage, OCE’s investment can be convertible debt.  For co-investments at the Market Readiness Company Building stage, the terms of OCE’s investment will be determined by the terms of the investing party who is matching OCE’s contribution in the round. Typically, OCE would participate ratably on those same terms.
  • Potential investment in China JV will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

2. Mentorship program that matches and embeds Chinese investors and mentors who have a strong track record of growing companies in China with selected companies to develop Chinese market opportunities and prepare the company for successful entry into the Chinese marketplace.

  • Ongoing mentorship from CAMP entrepreneurs-in-residence, CAMP mentors, and CCAA, subject to an agreement amongst the mentors, CCAA and the company. It is anticipated that mentors will receive a warrant to invest in the following one and a half to two years at the current valuation. 
  • Two-week cohort-based training and mentorship in China.
  • Matching of company with Chinese-based business and channel partners.

Selection Criteria

  • CAMP focuses on early stage companies seeking to commercialize their technology in the Chinese market
  • CAMP may consider companies from any sector, however preference is given to companies in the following markets: information technology (ICT), healthcare IT, medical devices, clean technology, mobile, and virtual reality
  • The company’s core product or service must be technology/innovation based, and the applicants must demonstrate that they are free to use, develop and commercialize the IP without any third party rights
  • Company must be willing and able to travel to China for two weeks for CAMP cohort training to work with local investors and mentors
  • Preference may be given to companies that demonstrate co-investment by an arms-length, third-party accredited investor(s). In cases where third-party investors are establishing investment terms, CCAA will consider investing on the same market terms
  • Company should have a minimum of two or three full-time employees
  • Company must be investment ready and must have a fully developed prototype
  • Company should have some pilot customers

Selection Process

  • OCE will assist CCAA in identifying potential companies for participation in CAMP on an ongoing basis during the company identification period (see table below for specific timelines for 2016)
  • OCE will be responsible for an initial screening based on program eligibility and alignment with program objectives
  • Interested applicants should submit a one-page venture sheet and investor deck to OCE for consideration; OCE will follow up with requests for additional information as appropriate
  • OCE and CCAA will then work together to identify applicants who qualify  to present to a panel of potential CCAA CAMP investors
  • Selected companies will present to a panel of CCAA CAMP investors
  • CCAA will make the final selection of companies to participate in CAMP
  • Any investment by CCAA investors will be subject to the completion of satisfactory due diligence, the negotiation of documentation satisfactory to the CCAA investors, and the receipt of any applicable regulatory approvals


Application intake open

April 15, 2016

Applications accepted; one-on-one meetings with potential candidates, initial screening and short listing

April 15 - June 20, 2016

Application deadline June 20, 2016

Invitation to shortlisted companies to pitch to CAMP/CCAA investors

Late June 2016

Pitch to CAMP/CCAA investors Early July 2016

Due diligence on potential candidates

July/August 2016

Announcement of companies selected to participate in CAMP and CAMP participant orientation

September 2016

Two-week, cohort-based training in Beijing, China

Late Fall 2016

How to Apply

  • OCE will identify potential companies for participation in the CAMP program on an ongoing basis
  • Interested applicants should submit a one-page venture sheet and investor deck to Peter McFadzean for consideration or apply through the CAMP website
  • Deadline for receipt of applications is June 20, 2016
  • Applications will be considered on an on-going basis; early application is encouraged


About CCAA

China Canada Angels Alliance Ltd., CCAA, registered in Toronto 2014, is a Canadian not-for-profit angel group being certified as corporate members of Network of Angel Organizations-Ontario (NAO-O) and National Angel Capital Organization (NACO). CCAA is committed to building a cross-border eco-system for early-stage innovative companies between China and Canada through co-investments, value-added mentorship, and connections to overseas channels and resources. As of April 2015, CCAA represents 28 prominent and resourceful angel investors mostly from China and 11 private institutions/funds from China which connect to 150 mentors from top 40 mobile/internet Chinese companies as well as other sectors in ICT, UAV, AI, Life Science, Cleantech, etc. CCAA investments range from $50,000 to $8 million per deal. CCAA investors have a successful track record in China with nine investee companies at more than 100 times the returns over the past seven years. CCAA is dually operated in Canada (Toronto) and China (Beijing) to accelerate the communication and decision making, and will syndicate with Silicon Valley partners when needed. 

For additional information about this program, please contact:

Peter McFadzean
Manager, Partnerships 
Ontario Centres of Excellence
t:416.861.1092 x 1019