Martin Walmsley Fellowship for Entrepreneurship

The Martin Walmsley Fellowship award supports the development of an Ontario Student to create an innovative start-up with an economic impact in Ontario. The innovation must address existing and emerging challenges in key sectors. 

The innovation can include technology; business or social innovations. The $25,000 award gives a new entrepreneur the financial resources to focus on making their idea a viable business. The award honors the original vision of Dr. Martin Walmsley in developing new innovative institutional structures, the Ontario Centres of Excellence, dedicated to stimulating advanced research and development leading to wealth creation in areas strategic to Ontario.


  • Student entrepreneurs currently leading a start-up and who have participated in or were the principal on an OCE project that ended between April 1, 2012 – March 31, 2014. All Project final report must be received and accepted by OCE prior to the nomination process.
  • The applicant must be nominated by an OCE Business Development Manager who will work with a BD to co-develop their application.
  • The applicants must be eligible to work in Canada.
  • The start-up must be pre-revenue and pre-significant, non-government investment. “Significant investment” is defined as an arms-length private investment of over $250,000. ‘Non-government investment” does not include funding from founders, friends and family.
  • Individuals must not hold a previous Martin Walmsley Fellowship.
  • Fellows must be willing to co-operate in providing outcomes metrics to OCE, as required.

How to apply

Potential applicants are identified and nominated by OCE Business Development Managers. Business Development Managers work with individual applicants to develop their formal presentation.

Finalists will be invited to present to a Panel consisting of OCE board members, who will make the final decision.

Assessment Criteria

  • Demonstrated excellence and dedication to the commercialization effort of the start-up.
  • Success to date, as defined by investment, customer traction, sales revenue, corporate / industry partnerships and assessment of future potential.  Preference will be made to applicants with demonstrable outcomes along these dimensions.
  • The ability to communicate the business to the marketplace and inspire others.


Implementation Activity

Due Date

Nominations Open August 1, 2014
Deadline for the receipt of Nominations and Application form from OCE Business Development Managers Week of September 8, 2014
OCE notifies candidates selected to present to the Review Panel Week of September 8, 2014
Finalist presentations to Review Panel Week of September 15, 2014
Notification to the Fellowship applicants and winner  Week of September 15. 2014
Winner’s interview and photo shoot before OCE AGM  Week of September 22. 2014
Winner announced at OCE AGM  October 21, 2014

To be considered for the Martin Walmsley Fellowship for Entrepreneurship, please contact your OCE Business Development Manager.

For more information about the Martin Walmsley Fellowship for Technological Entrepreneurship, please contact:

Binny Arora
Program Manager
Tel: (416) 861-1092 x1037