GlobalStart Voucher Program

The GlobalStart Voucher Program supports youth-led start-ups across Ontario that are engaged with CLAs/OCEAs and RICs that target Global Markets. Youth-led start-ups selected for this program will be placed with a host incubator/accelerator in the selected global market for three to six months. CLAs/OCEAs and RICs will nominate start-ups for this program. Preference is given to start-ups that demonstrate a reasonable chance of achieving sales, investment and/or partnerships as a result of the Voucher. 

Selected start-ups must identify the accelerator/incubator in the country of choice during the application stage.

Program Timelines

  • Please note that all approved Global Start projects must be completed by March 31, 2018. Applicants must complete their travel to the host country before March 31, 2018; any expenses incurred thereafter will not be approved.

More details on the GlobalStart Voucher Program.