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What makes Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) so effective in helping turn ideas into income is more than programs – it’s an expertise in business development, which starts with our people. Our business development specialists go out and ask industry what’s needed. They also literally explore the academic halls and labs and ask researchers “What’s new?”

They are not only experts in what programs OCE has to offer, but also in what other programs are available from our partners or other key players in the innovation space. Our business development specialists are experts in ideas and how to make those ideas reality. They are familiar with the academic eco-system, and with the needs, challenges and processes of industry. They are project managers, advisors, mentors and resources. But most of all, they are experts in people – and how to connect them. Our business development specialists leverage OCE’s long-term strengths and relationships with industry, stakeholders in key sectors, the innovation space and the colleges, universities and research hospitals to produce results.

With our focus on relationships, OCE has recently evolved into a broker of connections, identifying and facilitating investment transactions in which OCE has no direct financial stake. From facilitating grants with our partners, to providing business and technical advice, to leveraging personal and corporate network connections, our business development specialists are in the field spotting mutual opportunities to link industry challenges with academic resources or linking industry-to-industry or academic-to-academic opportunities.

These collaborations form lasting partnerships that drive industry research, empower companies and help generate well paid, long-lasting employment and economic prosperity that benefit all Ontarians.

OCE helps new companies connect the dots, so they can concentrate on what they do best and ensure that the business basics are properly covered.

To connect with an OCE business development specialist near you visit our Regional Contacts page.

OCE Engagement – Industry Academic Commercialization

Diagram illustrating how OCE engages with partners

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