Strategic Initiatives

OCE undertakes strategic initiatives designed to advance innovation and create a competitive edge for Ontario companies.

  1. Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation (CONII) connects business to the applied research and commercialization expertise of Ontario’s colleges to solve technical and business challenges.
  2. High Performance Computing provides access to high performance computing for SMEs in Ontario through a partnership with IBM and the Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform (SOSCIP).
  3. The IBM Innovation Incubator Project, offered through a partnership between OCE and IBM, will deliver an integrated suite of globally disruptive, advanced computing technology infrastructure and programming to Ontario’s small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 
  4. Industrial & Technological Benefits Partnership Opportunity is designed to help prime contractors meet their offset obligations under the ITB policy. With OCE’s direct access to the R&D marketplace, we can match academic research with the needs of prime contractors, identify and support industry-academic collaborations, and help build public-private partnerships.
  5. The OCE-FinTech Sandbox Partnership is a unique opportunity that, once operational, will give the growing fintech ecosystem in Ontario access to data, networks, platforms and events that will help accelerate economic growth and support the creation of high-quality jobs in the province.
  6. TargetGHG for industrial emitters addresses two key issues: the need to support the adoption of innovative technologies for emitters to meet upcoming greenhouse gas reduction targets and the need for solutions that will help industry meet more aggressive future targets. 
    • The TargetGHG Industrial Demonstration Program supports projects with industrial emitters that demonstrate greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions in collaboration with innovative companies providing solutions.
    • The TargetGHG Collaborative R&D Program supports industry-academic collaborative research and development projects. The projects will address Ontario’s 2020-2030 targets for GHG emission reduction and provide significant economic benefits to Ontario (jobs, revenues, etc.).
    • The TargetGHG Collaborative Technology Development Program supports Ontario-based SMEs to develop and demonstrate new and innovative technologies that have strong potential to result in significant, verifiable and sustainable GHG emissions reductions in Ontario, Canada and globally.
    • OCE is partnering with NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE to help reduce greenhouse gases. Funding will be made available to Ontario teams for the development and demonstration of their concepts through the three stages of the Carbon XPRIZE competition.
    • Ontario's Solutions 2030 Challenge is a global call for innovators to propose their solutions to help Ontario industry reduce GHG emissions. With up to $7 million in funding, including up to $3 million in support for the winning team to bring their transformative technology to market, the challenge asks teams and industry to collaborate and envision a path forward to tackle climate change in Ontario and around the world.