Talent Programs

OCE’s Entrepreneurial Talent offerings are focused on helping Ontario’s college and university students and recent graduates develop entrepreneurial and business skills.

  1. On-Campus Entrepreneurship Activities program supports the initiation and expansion of entrepreneurship capacity in institutions that have demonstrated and/or are willing to make strong commitments to entrepreneurship. As part of the Ontario Youth Jobs Strategy, the OCEA program will see $5 million invested to ignite and build on entrepreneurial activities in Ontario's universities and colleges over two years. The OCEA program aims to foster the adoption of global best practices in student entrepreneurship; reduce barriers for student and recent graduate entrepreneurs to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations; integrate with regional business support resources; and provide experiential learning opportunities for the next generation of innovators.
  2. Experiential Learning Program is designed to help students across Ontario get the training and experience they need to turn their ideas into market-ready products and services, by learning and doing. The program supports Ontario postsecondary institutions to manage and grow established project- and experience-based programs for young entrepreneurs that will accelerate and further enhance the quality of new ventures and industry collaborations arising from Ontario academic institutions.
  3. Entrepreneurship Fellowships support the development of an Ontario student or graduating student (within the last three years) to create an innovative start-up with an economic impact in Ontario.
  4. Connections links undergraduate university and college students in engineering, science and technology programs to technology-based companies to work on real-world projects. Email the program contact for more information.