Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance of OCE, and is composed of distinguished individuals drawn from the Canadian business, research and professional communities.

Among the Board's principal functions are:

  • The direction of OCE’s financial affairs;
  • The appointment of OCE’s President and CEO;
  • The approval of OCE’s programs and working agreements with other organizations
  • Dan-Patterson-Square-120px

    Dr. Dan Patterson, Chair

    Niagara College
    President Emeritus
  • Jane Allen

    Ms. Jane Allen

    Corporate Director, Management Consultant
  • Malcolm-Campbell

    Dr. Malcolm Campbell

    Vice President (Research)
    University of Guelph
  • Dr_Tom_Corr_OCE-Nov2015

    Dr. Tom Corr

    Corporate Director
  • Janet Ecker

    Ms. Janet L. Ecker

    Corporate Director
  • Linda Franklin

    Ms. Linda Franklin

    President and CEO
    Colleges Ontario
  • Mark Henderson, Chairman, Ericsson Canada

    Mr. Mark Henderson

    Nomofob Consulting
  • Caroline-Hughes

    Caroline Hughes

    Vice President, Government Relations
    Ford Motor company of Canada
  • Colin Kelleher

    Mr. Colin Kelleher

    Kelleher Group
  • Mr. Bob Richardson

    Senior Counsel to the Firm
    NATIONAL Public Relations
  • Claudia Krywiak-Board Photo 120x120

    Dr. Claudia Krywiak (ex-officio)

    President and CEO