The OCE Mind to Market Innovation series has set the tone for an exciting interaction with leading innovators who share their experiences, strategies, and visions of an Ontario ready to burst onto the global scene.

This series provides an early taste of the future and a glimpse of where "Next" is happening, as innovative science and technologies move from research laboratories into industry and profitable new businesses.

Click on the session links to access presentations, or hear podcasts.

  • Session 19: Innovative Communities for a Sustainable World

    Featuring: Dr. Bob Thirsk, Astronaut, Canadian Space Agency and Karen Farbridge, Mayor of Guelph

  • Session 18: The Smart Grid: Building a Global Advantage for Ontario

    Featuring: David McFadden, Chair, Ontario Smart Grid Forum, Chair, Ontario Centres of Excellence, Larry A. Sollecito, President and CEO, GE Digital Energy, Wade Malcolm, Managing Director, Accenture's North American Smart Grid Practice, David Collie, President and CEO, Burlington Hydro Electric Inc.

  • Session 17: Change By Design - How Innovation is Reshaping Manufacturing

    Featuring: Tim Glover, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder, Value Profit Group, and Brian Maragno, Operations Manager, Siemens Fossil Power Generation, Hamilton Plant

  • Session 16: Mind Matters: Turning Students on to Science

    Featuring: Mark Chamberlain, Dr. Robin Williams, Dr. Bonnie Schmidt, Dr. Allison Sekuler, Paul Koendermank

  • Session 15: A New Ontario: Making Sustainable Communities Work

    Featuring: Karen Farbridge, Dr. Kevin Hall, Hugh MacLeod, Jasmine Urisk

  • Session 14: ROI: Return on Innovation: How Does Recent Market Turmoil Impact The Valuation Game?

    Featuring: Joe Castaldo, Barry Gekiere, Kunal Gupta, Rob Koturbash

  • Session 13: Opportunities in a Bio Economy: a Look at Sustainable Models for the North

    Featuring: Dr. Livio Di Matteo, Martin Kaiser, Dr. Robert Dekker, Dr. Bahram Dadgostar

  • Session 12: Opening Global Lines for Communication - is Ontario on Hold?

    Featuring: John Roese, CTO of Nortel

  • Session 11: Fueling a Renewable Energy Start-Up: The StormFisher Biogas Success Story

    Featuring: Ryan Little, Vice President, Business Development, StormFisher Biogas

  • Session 10: New Directions: Driving Ontario's Auto Industry

    Featuring: Dennis DesRosiers, President, DesRosiers Automotive Consulting Inc.

  • Session 9: Breaking Through Barriers: Advancing Ontario Biomed Technology

    Featuring: Anders Elmik, Dr. Geoff Fernie, Paul Gilbert, Dr. Les Levin and Jacques Sayegh

  • Session 8: Web 3.0 - Opportunity .COM

    Featuring: Albert Lai, Founder, BubbleShare

  • Session 7: The Next Five in Five: Presented by OCE in partnership with The Conference Board of Canada

    Featuring: Dan Fortin, President, IBM Canada

  • Session 6: Navigating the Waters to Commercial Success in Clean Technology: The Zenon Environmental Story

    Featuring: Rafael Simon, Advisor, XPV Cleantech Fund LP and former COO, ZENON Environmental

  • Session 5: Bottling Innovation: Increasing the Profile and Profitability of Viticulture in Ontario

    Featuring: Donald Ziraldo Former President and Founder of Inniskillin Wines

  • Session 4: Innovation: Powering the Future of Electricity

    Featuring: Dr. Jan Carr, CEO, Ontario Power Authority

  • Session 3: Industry + Academia: An Equation for Driving Innovation

    Featuring: Prof. David L. Johnston, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Waterloo

  • Session 2: Health Research: The 21st Century's Prosperity Engine

    Featuring: Dr. Robert S. Bell, MD President and CEO, University Health Network (UHN)

  • Session 1: Space to Earth: Exploration Driving Innovation

    Featuring: Marc Garneau, Canadian Astronaut, and Dr. Robert Zee, Space Flight Laboratory, University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies