Success Stories

Group Photo of Bionym
Toronto-based start-up Bionym has devised a system that uses a person’s unique electrocardiogram (ECG) signature – an electrical signal produced by the heart – to replace passwords and PINs. More
Group Photo, Wescast
Wescast Industries Inc. has developed a new high-performance alloy that can better withstand higher exhaust temperatures produced by many of today’s vehicles than traditional cast iron materials. More
CHAR Group Photo
CHAR Technologies has developed a charcoal-type filter made from by-products of the anaerobic digestion process to remove H2S and convert it into a beneficial agricultural fertilizer additive. More
OCAD University spin-off Komodo OpenLab has developed Tecla, an affordable hardware and software solution that enables access to mobile devices for those with motor impairments. More

BrainFx Group Photo
Markham-based company, BrainFx, has married cutting-edge research with digital technology to create a clinical tablet-based assessment tool that measures the  effects of brain disorders. More
Lafarge Group Photo
Lafarge Canada Inc. has taken the lead in developing fuel storage and safety systems and standards that address the unique handling characteristics of low carbon fuels. More
InteraXon Group Photo
Toronto-based InteraXon has developed Muse, a brain-sensing headband that measures brainwaves in real time and relays the information via Bluetooth to smartphones or tablets. More
OCE supported a collaborative research project to develop sophisticated software that speeds up the vehicle design process allowing TMMC to build safer, more efficient vehicles. More