Success Stories

Clear Blue, Group Picture
Clear Blue Technologies has developed a clean energy solution that uses cloud technology to wirelessly deliver off-grid power and independence to devices such as street lights. More
Katan Kitchens, Group Photo
Katan Kitchens is bringing commercial quinoa production to Ontario with Quinta, a superior-quality quinoa variety conducive for growing in Ontario’s climate and soil conditions. More
inBay, Group Photo
inBay Technologies has developed a disruptive, cost-effective cybersecurity solution that eliminates vulnerability of unprotected mobile endpoints in cloud computing. More
Milao Language, Group Photo
Milao Language’s software helps language learners practice and gain confidence by engaging in online “chats” with an intelligent virtual avatar that simulate real-life interactions. More

Revelo Electric, Group
Toronto start-up Revelo Electric has created the world’s lightest, design-savvy, street-legal e-bike, the LE-1, which is compact, chainless and ergonomic and powered by a removable lithium battery. More
Pizza Pizza, Group Photo
Pizza Pizza, McMaster University, Thermal Electronics Corporation and Acrolab teamed up to develop a low-cost system that efficiently recovers waste heat from pizza ovens and converts it to electricity. More
SunWatch, Group Photo
SunWash Technologies, in partnership with Western University, has developed a self-cleaning floor coating that breaks down any organic or biological matter on the surface when exposed to light.More
HandyMetrics’ HandyAudit app is helping healthcare professionals monitor compliance with hand hygiene practices by allowing them to record and report data objectively, consistently and accurately.More