Program Leads

OCE's team of highly qualified Program Managers are available to support your program and project administration requests. 
Please consult our directory below to contact a Program Manager by program type.

  • Alexandra Ho
    Program Manager
    416-861-1092  x: 9-5018
    Program Lead for: International Programs, VIP I, VIP II, Voucher for Innovation and Productivity, TargetGHG

    Angela Fong
    Program Manager
    416-861-1092  x: 9-1071 

    Program Lead for (
    *Currently on leave): International Programs, Market Readiness, College Applied R&D Fund, VIP I, VIP II

    Graham Takata
    Program Manager 
    Program Lead for: 
    Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN) R&D Partnership Fund (Stream 1 and 2), WinterTech Development, and AVIN TalentEdge Internships and Fellowships

    Jennifer Moles
    Program Manager 
    416-861-1092  x: 9-1059
    Program Lead for: 
    5G (ENCQOR) SME Technology Development Program, 5G (ENCQOR) Academic Technology Development Program, Market Readiness, Small Business Innovation Challenge

    Natalia Lobo
    Program Manager
    416-861-1092  x: 9-1061 
    Program Lead for: College Applied R&D Fund, ENCQOR TalentEdge Internships, NGNP TalentEdge Internships  

    Shane Daly
    Coordinator, Automotive and Mobility Innovation
    416-861-1092  x: 9-5017
    Program Lead for: 

    Vahid Sadr
    Program Manager
    416-861-1092  x: 9-1117 

    Program Lead for: I3 demo, NGNP and 5G Demo programs

  • For other general enquirers, please email