Success Story

3M Canada


Advanced capabilities and proximity to Ontario’s automotive sector attracted global science and technology company 3M to collaborate with OCE and the University of Waterloo and McMaster University in developing new product applications for their films and adhesives. These new applications could potentially transform automotive manufacturing.

At McMaster, students led by Dr. Michael Thompson and Dr. Mukesh Jain are using innovative processes and test conditions to develop a next generation of 3M films that are more malleable, so they can be applied to more components, upstream in the manufacturing process.

At Waterloo, Dr. Duane Cronin’s team is using the computer to simulate crash tests to assess the strength and safety of automobiles assembled using 3M adhesives instead of heavier, conventional welds and fasteners, for potential weight reductions and fuel savings.

Return on Innovation

  • Advanced technology development in Ontario
  • 3M investment in Ontario universities
  • 3M collaboration with students at McMaster University and University of Waterloo

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