Success Story



Over ten years ago, York University graduate, Steve McArdle, had a vision to combine remote sensing technology with mapping applications to create visual solutions for communicating location-based information.

OCE Business Development Director, Richard Worsfold, supported Steven’s idea, guiding the students hired for his projects and providing key contacts in industry, government and academia, who supported him in establishing his own company, 4DM.

Today, 4DM is an accomplished geospatial IT engineering and consulting firm, employing 17 highly skilled personnel, including engineers, and people with PhD’s and master’s degrees.

The company uses satellite imagery to create multifunctional schematics and maps for advanced engineering and asset monitoring. Current clients and projects include Ontario Power Generation, the International Atomic Energy Agency and Canada’s National Research Council, where 4DM is creating predictive models for winter microclimates and snowdrifts on Ontario highways.

In all, 4DM’s expertise has been applied to over 80 projects for U.S., Canadian and European clients.

“4DM was built in part on the relationships I developed with people involved with OCE. Those relationships provided insight into how I could apply the science of remote sensing to develop innovative, real-world commercial applications and create a successful enterprise.”

—Steven McArdle, President, 4DM Inc.

Return on Innovation

  • Created 17 new jobs

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