Success Story

Aeryon Labs Inc.


The Aeryon Scout is a hovering, unmanned flying vehicle that records digital images and video for a range of security and surveillance applications.

Developed by Aeryon Labs, the Scout is small (just 60 cm by 60 cm), lightweight (1.2 kg), quiet and can operate in challenging environmental conditions. What sets the Scout apart is the entirely touch-screen driven interface, which means piloting the Aeryon Scout is as easy as pointing at a map.

OCE assisted Aeryon through its Interact, Market Readiness and First Job programs. The company also received $500,000 in Investment Accelerator Funding (IAF).

In 2010, The Aeryon Scout provided surveillance of a suspected narcotic trafficker’s compound in the Columbian jungle and helped BP identify damaged parts after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. In 2012, the Scout helped Halton police locate $744,000 worth of marijuana plants in a field north of Milton, Ontario.

Aeryon Labs won OCE’s 2011 Mind to Market Award, the 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and was the Ontario winner of the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters 2011 Regional Awards for New Technology.

“OCE has been an integral partner in Aeryon’s success over the years from providing funding through its Market Readiness and First Jobs programs; giving access to networking opportunities and profile at the OCE Discovery conferences and connecting us to key individuals in various industries that provided market information and potential customers.”

—Marni McVicar, Vice President, Operations, Aeryon Labs Inc.

Return on Innovation

  • Created 30 jobs
  • Projects 40 additional jobs

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