Success Story

Cast ConneX Corporation


Founded by Carlos de Oliveira, Cast ConnneX has developed standardized connectors that enable low- and medium-rise steel structures to better withstand earthquakes – potentially saving millions of dollars and, more importantly, lives.

Developed at the University of Toronto in response to heightened awareness of structural failures and addressing changes in North American steel industry building codes, Cast ConneX is quickly becoming a leader in providing the technology of choice for the steel construction industry.

By incorporating Cast ConneX’s technology, a building can be designed to resist an earthquake in the same way an electrical circuit is designed to resist a power overload.

OCE first funded the research behind this technology in 2004. Carlos de Oliveira was then awarded OCE’s prestigious Martin Walmsley Fellowship for Technological Entrepreneurship in 2007 and has subsequently received support through OCE’s Market Readiness program.

Most recently, Cast ConneX has been retained to detail and supply cast steel connectors for the World Trade Center Tower three in New York City.

“Cast ConneX wouldn’t exist without OCE. OCE funded the research from the beginning and continued to help with getting us off the ground. Their support allowed us to carry out product development and testing in a very short period of time. It would have been impossible otherwise.”

—Carlos de Oliveira, Founder, Cast ConneX

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