Success Story Inc.

01/09/2012 Inc. develops software to aid organizations in gathering feedback from constituents and in analyzing that data in order to help them make business-critical decisions.

Customers of its two online information gathering and analysis products, ReviewRoom (a tool for submitting and reviewing applications online) and Fluidsurveys (a tool for creating online surveys) include colleges and universities, hundreds of enterprises and thousands of individual users in over 40 countries.

OCE helped spin out with $85,000 in funding in a partnership with Algonquin College that ended in early 2010. has been generating revenue from its inception, both online and through direct and franchised sales in North America and Europe, including sales to a number of Fortune 500 companies.

OCE’s further investment of $65,000 in Market Readiness funding enabled to double its monthly revenues within three months and the company expects to triple its year-over-year revenues in the coming year. was one of four finalists in OCE’s 2011 Mind to Market Award.

“OCE has had a key role since our birth and it’s more than just the financial aspect. OCE has also helped us gain exposure and connections with potential customers which are of critical importance to a growing company in our space.”

—Eli Fathi, Co-CEO, Inc.

Return on Innovation

  • has grown from two to 20 staff in three years. Sixteen of the 20 new hires over the past three years are new graduates with either university or college degrees.

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