Success Story

Clearpath Robotics Inc.


Clearpath Robotics specializes in the design and manufacture of unmanned vehicle solutions for academic, industrial, and military R&D applications.

The company’s success started when they created a single machine that could adapt easily to a wide variety of customer needs within university engineering departments. Early products were successful fast, allowing Clearpath to continue product development.

OCE supported Clearpath’s growth through its Market Readiness and Technical Problem Solving programs to help the company evaluate potential market size and identify opportunities. OCE’s CCR provided additional support through its Embedded Executive Program.

Clearpath Robotics employed customer feedback to evolve the products’ feature set for specific applications. Its new Kingfisher is an unmanned surface vehicle with applications ranging from environmental sampling to harbour security. It has a potential market of up to $3 billion.

Clearpath’s CEO, co-founder and University of Waterloo graduate, Matt Rendall, was recently named 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year by PROFIT Magazine as part of their inaugural FuEL Awards for young business leaders.

“Beyond its funding support, OCE has provided invaluable assistance in understanding our market and how best to meet its needs.”

—Matthew Rendall, CEO, Clearpath Robotics Inc.

Return on Innovation

  • 15 new jobs since 2009
  • Expected to create 20 jobs within the next few months

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