Success Story



ClimateCHECK is a leading environmental services and solutions provider that encompasses greenhouse gas management and ecosystem services. It has its headquarters in Ottawa and offices across North America, plus a global network of partners.

OCE’s First Job program enabled ClimateCHECK to recruit University of Waterloo graduate Lisa Dyer MSc to provide value-added solutions to the agriculture and resource sectors by developing industry best practices using ClimateCHECK’s cloud-based Collaborase software.

Through ClimateCHECK’s employee training programs, Lisa excelled in completing her accreditation as a Professional Agrologist in the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute e-learning program. Lisa currently plays an integral role in the development process of Canadian and international initiatives.

“OCE’s First Job award was integral in the acceleration of my career and provided me with the opportunity to apply the knowledge I gained during my graduate work to the real-world business environment.”

—Lisa Dyer, Greenhouse Gas Analyst, ClimateCHECK

Return on Innovation

  • Accelerated career opportunities in a real-world business environment

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