Success Story

Dr. James Elder


To learn how new ideas transition from the lab to the marketplace, consider professor James Elder at York University – who specializes in how people see things – and whose work has resulted in multiple new companies and commercial products.

Elder’s involvement with Ontario Centres of Excellence began 14 years ago, when OCE partnered him with CAE Electronics, a leader in aircraft visual simulation, to develop an Enhanced and Synthetic Vision System (ESVS) for search and rescue pilots flying in poor visibility. The partnership resulted in product improvements and other new products for CAE.

From this early success, Elder went on to design replacements for the synthetic imagery in the ESVS with real satellite imagery and applied the airborne technology to ground-based systems.

These development paths have since led directly to the creation of new products, such as highly computational digital signal processing and commercial image analysis for Array Systems Computing Inc.; as well as exciting new business ventures, such as Aeryon Labs, Miovision Technologies and Clearpath Robotics.

“The financial support OCE provides is important. OCE’s ability to bring together industry-based researchers adds real value to all our commercialization efforts.”

—Dr. James Elder, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, York University

Return on Innovation

  • Helped create new business ventures including Miovision, Clearpath Robotics and Aeryon Labs
  • Research commercialization led to creation of 100 new jobs
  • Potential to double this count in a few years

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