Success Story

Haliburton Forest


Timber has been harvested in Ontario’s Haliburton region since the mid-1800s, but only under the management of Peter Schleifenbaum, president of Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve, has a thriving wood-products business co-existed with a sustainable forest ecosystem.

Schleifenbaum built a new sawmill and began operating in 2009. Instead of using only prime white pine, he designed the mill to work with any of the 25 local hard wood species. 

Now working with the University of Toronto and with $75,000 of funding from OCE, the company is examining the use of wood fibre and wastes in the development of bio-oils as a diesel substitute, wood gas as a heat source and biochar as a soil additive – all of which have significant value-add for the wood fibre output of the mill.

Return on Innovation

  • "Stabilizing" 30 jobs in the forest
  • 20 new employees in the wood-processing part of the business

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