Success Story

HousAll Systems Corporation


Ottawa start-up, HousAll Systems Corporation, specializes in inexpensive, environmentally and socially responsible temporary structures for commercial, residential, military and emergency applications.

The company originally created a 12-foot-wide shelter system when it partnered with OCE’s Connections Program and Algonquin College’s Mechanical Engineering Technology program to design a larger 16-foot-wide model.

Through Connections, HousAll leveraged the knowledge of Algonquin students Rodney Schnarr, Faheem Khan, Mazen Badawi and Ryan Halpenny. Two of the students were hired into full time positions.

The shelter system manufactured from their work was field tested in 2009 by Save the Children as classrooms for children in Haiti. The structures were some of the only buildings left standing after the 2010 earthquake.

OCE, HousAll and Algonquin partnered again during the crisis in Haiti to develop an elevating and leveling platform when flooding and uneven terrain were affecting the structures.

Recently, HousAll began selling shelters for ice fishing huts and cottages and is currently evaluating the exploration and military markets.

“Connections gives students a REAL-LIFE LEARNING experience. For companies like ours, it provides us with young minds and fresh ideas that add energy to our team.”

—Miles Kennedy, Founder, HousAll Systems

Return on Innovation

  • Created 10 new jobs
  • Forecasts creating an additional 10 jobs

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