Success Story

Houssein Ayach


Houssein Ayach earned a Master's in Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Ottawa, with a specialization in image processing. That made him a perfect fit for a First Job internship with Visual Cortek, an OCE and University of Ottawa spin-off that develops intelligent video surveillance and security systems.

Recently purchased by Telewatch Operational Surveillance, Visual Cortek is presently working on Virtual Guard, a video surveillance system that assists users in defining and recording meaningful events for easy review.

As part of his First Job assignment, Ayach helped develop software components for Virtual Guard, as well as the system’s web-based user interface. Ayach’s performance during his internship netted him the full-time position of senior analyst with Visual Cortek. He continues to work on Visual Guard at the company, now called iWatch, along with other technology development projects.

“First Job allowed me to get the real-world work experience I needed to enhance my current software development skills as well as allow me to become a better problem solver.”

—Houssein Ayach, Senior Analyst, iWatch

Return on Innovation

  • Real-world business experience
  • Hired by company

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