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Smarter Alloys (formerly Innovative Processing Technologies)


Smarter Alloys (formerly Innovative Processing Technologies) has created a breakthrough Multiple Memory Material (MMM) technology that can embed more than one memory into a single part, making smart materials smarter.

University of Waterloo Ph.D. student, co-founder and CTO of Smarter Alloys, Dr. Ibraheem Khan, made the exciting discovery that drastically improves upon traditional memory materials that only remember one shape per temperature.

This revolutionary manufacturing method allows greater freedom and creativity for engineers when incorporating the products into the automotive and aerospace sectors and devices like hard drives, printers, braces and hearing aids.

OCE recently awarded Smarter Alloys and a team from the University of Waterloo Market Readiness funding and Dr. Khan received OCE’s 2011 Martin Walmsley Fellowship for Technological Entrepreneurship. Smarter Alloys was also the recipient of the Innovation Company of the Year Award at CleanTech North 2011.

Smarter Alloys is currently working with a number of clients in the automotive and aerospace sectors in Ontario.

“Our technology will give a competitive advantage to a lot of the local industries in Ontario; this includes aerospace and automotive, both of which we have collaborations with right now.”

—Dr. Ibraheem Khan, Co-founder and CTO, Smarter Alloys

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