Success Story

Kintech Orthopaedics and Canadian Engineered Innovations


Three Humber College students with support from Kintech Orthopaedics and Canadian Engineered Innovations have developed a unique wireless, automated E-Ankle that allows users to remotely control and change the range of motion of a standard Ankle Foot Orthotic (AFO).

Standard AFOs allow the ankle joint to flex up to 14 degrees, which only enables someone with a pre-existing foot condition to walk on flat surfaces. By automating an AFO and adding a remote control, users can walk on uneven ground more easily, climb stairs, drive, or step up onto a bus, opening up a world of movement to AFO users.

Kintech estimates it will sell 30 units in Ontario during the clinical trial phase, which was due to start in September. The Humber student team recently won Best Connections Project by a College Team at Discovery 2011.

Return on Innovation

  •  Hands-on experiential learning opportunity in commercialization

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