Success Story

London Hydro and Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation


A world-class, multidisciplinary research group led by the University of Western Ontario’s Dr. Rajiv Varma, along with participants from the University of Waterloo, is working with a $3 million investment from Ontario Centres of Excellence in the development of pioneering technologies that will help integrate photovoltaic (PV) solar farms into Ontario’s electricity transmission and distribution networks. More specifically, the work is aimed at low-cost strategies to improve grid voltages and voltage control.

London Hydro and Sarnia-based Bluewater Power installed the technology on two 10 kW PV networks in the fall of 2011. Additional corporate support totalling $3.279 million is being provided by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), Hydro One Networks and First Solar Development Canada.

Conducted at one of the largest solar farms in the world, this research will help give solar farms the ability to act as an energy storage device at night. The research team is also hoping to apply the technology to wind farms.

Return on Innovation

  • Employs 16 faculty members: 10 from the University of Western Ontario and six from the University of Waterloo

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