Success Story

Miovision Technologies Inc.


Kurtis McBride thought, “There has to be a better way to collect traffic data than having someone sit in a lawn chair for hours, manually counting cars.” That insight inspired his master’s degree thesis from the University of Waterloo and the spark to create Miovision.                    

Kitchener-based Miovision develops hardware and software solutions that automate the traffic data-gathering process, reducing the costs of data collection and analysis while enhancing its accuracy. The final output is used by traffic engineers to understand traffic flows and design new routes or adjust signal timings to ease congestion.

OCE has worked with McBride for the past five years and invested $115,000. In 2010, Miovision was presented with OCE’s Mind to Market award for the best commercialization of collaborative research and development between academia and industry. In 2011, OCE's CCR invested an additional $100,000 in Miovision through their Facilitated Access to Capital program.

Miovision has expanded its original product to capture traffic data at roundabouts and from straight road segments. Recently, the company partnered with Aeryon Labs Inc., another OCE-supported company, to install its system aboard Aeryon’s unmanned aerial vehicles.

“We’ve worked with OCE for five years, and they have been instrumental in helping Miovision become a viable business. They’ve been involved in helping us bring in key hires in the areas of computer vision and product marketing.”

—Kurtis McBride, CEO, Miovision Technologies Inc.

Return on Innovation

  • Created 85+ new jobs since 2006
  • Projects 50 new jobs by end of 2012
  • 350 customers in 27 countries

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