Success Story

Morgan Solar Inc.


Toronto-based solar energy start-up, Morgan Solar, is working to perfect an optical technology that will make solar panels significantly less expensive. The technology traps and directs sunlight for solar panels in a single component, while current designs require complex and expensive mirrors, optical components and chemicals.

Their solar panel, called the Sun Simba, achieves one of the industry’s highest reported sunlight to electricity conversions in the most compact form to date. It also uses very few materials, making it light, easy to put together and inexpensive.

Morgan Solar was supported by OCE through a collaborative research in partnership with the University of Ottawa. The company also took part in OCE’s First Job program, hiring Dr. Stefan Myrskog, a PhD graduate in the field of experimental atomic and optical physics.

Morgan Solar currently has a panel assembly line in Toronto and has secured a further USD $38 million in follow-on investment.

“Morgan Solar is a young, energetic company with great ideas. Their expertise with manufacturing and design, combined with the University of Ottawa’s expertise in understanding and testing high-efficiency solar cells and systems is a perfect combination.”

—Dr. Karin Hinzer, Canada Research Chair in Photonic Nanostructures and Integrated Devices, Associate Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Ottawa

Return on Innovation

  • Created 50 new jobs and forecasts 80 more in the near future

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