Success Story



Image provided by NASA

Ottawa-based Neptec specializes in the development, implementation and operation of intelligent 3D-machine vision systems that were initially developed for the space industry. A prime contractor for NASA since 1995, Neptec has delivered space-certified systems for three NASA programs and 40-plus space shuttle missions.

Neptec has received multiple supplier awards from NASA, most recently in February 2011, when it became the first non-U.S. company to win the George M. Low Award, NASA’s premier honour for quality and performance.

Neptec introduced a program to diversify its business and apply its technologies in other areas. To assist Neptec, OCE organized three R&D symposiums connecting the company with over 30 professors from universities across Ontario plus invited industrial and government organizations.

The ensuing collaborations resulted in the development of “3Di”, a core 3D data collection and processing technology that addresses critical challenges in new markets, including energy, mining, and transportation.

Return on Innovation

  • Neptec entered a new market (security)
  • New academic and industry collaborations

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