Success Story

Nicole Husain


Spongelab is committed to advancing the use of technology in education and becoming a leader in applying computer game technology for teaching.

Under OCE’s First Job Program funding of $48,000, Spongelab employed Nicole Husain (PhD cell biology, University of Toronto) in the development of new products, including the content for Genomics Digital Lab.

Inspired by the notion of making science accessible to everyone, Husain wrote descriptions for animations for each lesson, as well as advanced case studies, explanatory content on biological molecule functions, and performed quality assurance and testing functions.

Husain was hired by Spongelab as a permanent project manager in February 2010, one year after her First Job assignment. She has gone on to contribute to Spongelab’s most recent game, History of Biology, from inception to completion.

Nicole also participates in outreach both in the classroom and other initiatives like Microsoft’s Digigirlz. 

Return on Innovation

  • Real-world business experience
  • Hired by company

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