Success Story

OMESH Networks Inc.


OMESH Networks Inc. develops and sells wireless mesh communication radios that enable anywhere, anytime broadband wireless data transmission in either public or closed-private networks.

Wireless mesh networks are suited for geographic areas where deploying conventional new wire-line networks are too costly, such as outdoors, or in challenging environments, such as deep mining.

OMESH’s technology offers reliable and real-time wireless communications through radios that form a self-organizing mesh. This allows standard–based clients to connect to the Internet or corporate data networks.

OMESH is an OCE-sponsored spin-out from the University of Toronto and has received OCE Market Readiness funding and Commercialization project funding from OCE’s Centre for Commercialization of Research (CCR). Its core technology was granted U.S. patent protection in Aug 2010.

Currently, OMESH is partnering with Ottawa-based Edgewater Computer Systems to integrate its software with Edgewater’s WiFi access point. The resulting product will be delivered to a customer trial in China and America.

“OCE and OCE’s Centre for Commercialization of Research (CCR)’s financial support enabled us to advance OMESH Networks’ product development, get our product working in a network configuration and engage customers. This support was vital and we could not have made this progress without OCE/CCR’s assistance.”

—Rob Wood, President and CEO, OMESH Networks Inc.

Return on Innovation

  • Created five new jobs
  • OMESH is entering a stage of volume sales and fast growth
  • High job creation potential across design, manufacturing and technical support

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