Success Story

Quantum Dental Technologies


With help from the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), Toronto-based Quantum Dental Technologies has created a device that can shift dentistry from drilling and filling to early detection and prevention.

Created by University of Toronto Professor Andreas Mandelis, in collaboration with Dr. Stephen Abrams, the Canary Dental Caries Detection System uses a safe, low-power handheld laser for detecting very small areas of tooth decay.

The laser is non-invasive, remarkably accurate and gives dentists the opportunity to halt or reverse the early stages of decay with re-mineralization techniques which are far less invasive, expensive and painful, compared to needles and fillings.

OCE financially supported the initial research and provided collaboration with the University of Toronto. It then provided guidance in developing a business model and commercialization plan.

More recently, the Canary System won a National Instruments Graphical System Design Achievement Award in the Medical Device and Design category in 2010.

“OCE was the catalyst for seeing the potential of this idea. It’s more than just finding, it’s really support. We met every six months to give OCE updates and to get their thoughts on where this project is going.”

—Dr. Stephen Abrams, CEO, Quantum Dental Technologies

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