Success Story

REGEN Energy Inc.


Electricity is a valuable resource, but one whose use – and therefore cost – has to be managed carefully.

Toronto-based REGEN Energy has developed wireless radio controllers for industrial and commercial users that can be installed on equipment like heaters and air conditioners. Inspired by nature’s swarm logic, the controllers talk to one another to ensure loads are balanced and only operate as much as required. These conversations can reduce peak electricity demand by 30 per cent.

OCE recommended Centennial College as a research partner to test the controllers on commercial buildings which led to joint research funding from OCE and the Ontario Power Authority. OCE’s Centre for Commercialization of Research connected REGEN with a new CEO, Tim Angus, through its Embedded Executive program.

In 2010, REGEN ranked in the Top 10 Smart Grid Companies to Watch Out For by SmartGrid News and was an award-winner in the Canada’s Top 10 Competition. Most recently, REGEN has been featured in the New York Times and

“OCE’s CCR financial support helped REGEN by providing essential funding at a critical time to execute key corporate development initiatives. CCR is an ideal partner for a company at REGEN’s stage.”

—Tim Angus, CEO, REGEN Energy Inc.

Return on Innovation

  • 22 employees
  • 15 more jobs projected

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