Success Story

SPARQ Systems Inc.


Interest in clean, sustainable solar energy is hot, and probably few places are hotter than Ontario, where solar development is encouraged. While the market is ready, one basic fact of solar power that has slowed its adoption is that power from photovoltaic (PV) panels is produced in direct current (DC), while the electricity grid operates on alternating current (AC). Until now, there have been significant efficiency losses in converting sun-produced DC into useable AC.

Kingston-based SPARQ Systems Inc. has the answer. Its revolutionary microinverter uses advanced technological and software-based solutions to produce more AC power from PV panels for longer periods under lower light and partial shadowing conditions.

The company’s first standalone microinverter product generated orders worth several million in its first two months. In 2012, the company will integrate its microinverters directly in PV panels, making solar installations simpler for consumers and small businesses.

OCE and CCR, in partnership with the Ontario Power Authority, recently invested $600,000 in ePOWER to support SPARQ.

“OCE’s support, through the Centre for Commercialization of Research (CCR), was critical to SPARQ achieving CSA and UL product certification, which is required to sell in North America. It also enabled us to generate significant marketing impact at a leading solar energy trade show.”

—Randy North, COO, SPARQ Systems Inc.

Return on Innovation

  • Created 10 new jobs since 2006

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