Success Story

Technology Transfer Partnerships: Switchable Solutions (PARTEQ-RCN)


PARTEQ Innovations’ GreenCentre Canada formed Switchable Solutions Inc. in 2011 to commercialize an environmentally friendly solvent system that can convert used plastics products into market-ready raw materials. The company’s Switchable Hydrophilicity Solvent system, developed from research at Queen’s University, is a cost-effective alternative to conventional mechanical recycling systems, and is a highly effective means of cleaning soiled plastic packaging. The system will be used to divert polyethylene motor oil containers from landfill as well as polystyrene food packaging, coffee cups and cushion packing materials. The technology can also extract bitumen from oil sands with minimal water and energy consumption, eliminating the need for tailing ponds. Five North American processing plants are scheduled to be built over the next five years. The first plant will be in Mississauga, Ontario.

Return on Innovation

  • 34 new jobs created over the next two to three years

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