Success Story

Technology Transfer Partnerships: Tyromer (C4)


Each year, more than 12 million tires are scrapped in Ontario. Current recycling processes make it impossible to blend the rubber back into rubber compounds, resulting in most tires being burned or used as filler. Waterloo-based start-up company, Tyromer Inc., has a solution.

Working with scientists at the University of Waterloo, the company developed an inexpensive, chemical-free process to turn scrap tires into a useful, safe and environmentally friendly polymer called Tyromer.

Made from 100 per cent scrap tires, Tyromer has physical properties and strength close to virgin rubber and can be blended into rubber compounds for tires. The technology means scrap tires can now be diverted from landfill and reused instead of being burned, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Return on Innovation

  • Created three full-time positions
  • Supported two PhD students

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