Success Story

Theralase Inc.


Once considered nothing more than a fancy light show, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has gained acceptance in recent years as an alternative or complement to conventional medical treatments.

Toronto-based Theralase Inc. has collaborated with Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and the University Health Network (UHN) for over a decade to develop its industry leading line of Low Level Laser Therapy products used in hospitals and medical clinics across North America.

Designed to treat wounds, increase tissue regeneration and reduce inflammation and pain, Theralase is the creator of one of only three FDA NHN (non-heating) approved therapeutic medical lasers licensed in the US and the only therapeutic laser system approved for chronic knee pain.

Initially providing research funding, business model planning and strategic guidance, OCE was instrumental in helping Theralase develop its technology, which firmly established the company as an industry pioneer now poised to have tremendous international market impact.

Recently, Theralase announced it has successfully destroyed cancer cells in an in-vivo subcutaneous malignant tumour model and that its laser technology has also proven effective in destroying E. coli bacteria.

“Our success is a reflection of OCE’s vision in supporting new and emerging technologies. Ten years ago, LLLT was more imagination than substance to the North American market – but today it’s a proven technology and its applications continue to expand. And thanks to partners like OCE, Theralase will become an international leader in this field.”

—Roger Dumoulin-White, President, Theralase Inc.

Return on Innovation

  • Become a $100M company in 2012
  • Expand to 150 employees in 2012

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