Success Story

Carbon Control Systems

(From left) Professor Emeritus, Environmental and Resource Studies, Trent University, Dr. Tom Hutchinson, Director - Sales, Carbon Control Systems, Lawrence Gibson, OCE Business Development Manager, Balinder Rai, and Managing Director of Carbon Control Systems, Chris Ferguson, at the company's Millbrook, Ontario biogas facility.

Biogas has the potential to bring sustainability and profit to many Ontario farmers. Monitoring a plant, however, is labour intensive, messy, and expensive. Operators have to send regular samples to a lab for analysis - a process that takes a week from start to finish - often too late to avoid a system breakdown.

Carbon Control Systems (CCS) has developed a patented biochemical monitoring system that enables biogas plant operators to understand the health of their system in real time, even remotely. Sensing indicator molecules inform the operator immediately if a plant is under biochemical stress before a breakdown happens - increasing efficiency and saving time, energy, and operation costs.

OCE supported CCS founder, Chris Ferguson, when he was a master's student at Trent University, initially through a Collaborative Research project, followed by two phases of Market Readiness funding. Once the company launched, OCE helped CCS mature the technology. CCS has since attracted almost $2 million in follow-on investment.

CCS recently formed a joint venture with one of Europe's largest biogas companies, agriKomp International, enabling the company to supply biogas systems to Canadian customers and agriKomp to potentially integrate CCS's technology into their operational European based biogas plants.

CCS was recently presented with the 2012 County of Peterborough Environmental Recognition Award.

“OCE’s investment in the initial technology research and development, and follow-on market readiness funding allowed us to develop our early prototype, travel to Europe, assess industry technology, and meet with all the key biogas companies. Through that process we met agriKomp International. If it wasn’t for OCE we never would have made that connection.”

—Chris Ferguson, President, Carbon Control Systems and Managing Director, CCS agriKomp.

Return on Innovation

  • Global biogas market currently worth $17.3 billion in global revenue - will double by 2022
  • CCS to become the only complete biogas solution company in North America
  • Will bring wealth and sustainability to Ontario farmers
  • Currently employs four full-time and one part-time staff
  • Potential to create 100 jobs over the next four years

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