Success Story

Rebellion Media (Formerly Sortable)

(From left) Former OCE Business Development Manager, now Director of Digital Media Projects Management at Communitech, Glenn Smith, Sortable co-founder, Christopher Reid, and OCE Business Development Manager, Dave Doran, outside Sortable’s new office at Rebellion Media in Waterloo.
Using the web to help make decisions on what products to buy can sometimes be frustrating. Important information is often hidden in forums, locked in reviews and buried in blogs that don’t always come to light through a search engine. As a result, consumers lose considerable time searching for relevant information.

Waterloo-based start-up, Sortable, has created a decision-making engine that aggregates information from around the web to help consumers make better purchasing decisions. Sortable’s technology uses complex algorithms to transform web information into targeted personalised recommendations, generating quality advice and higher sales than competitors. In 2010, the company launched Snapsort, the largest independently owned, camera-comparison tool on the web.

OCE worked with the founders early on and provided two rounds of Market Readiness funding to help establish proof of concept and leverage its unique concept across many domains. Sortable recently applied to OCE’s First Job program.

Sortable was recently acquired by another Waterloo-based company, Rebellion Media, to help facilitate the next phase of growth and become one of the largest digital media companies in Canada. Rebellion is planning to expand into entertainment, travel, finance and automobile decision-making websites.

“OCE was willing to step in at a very early stage when other people weren’t and that allowed us to take our ideas and move them to commercialization.”

—Christopher Reid, co-founder, Sortable.

Return on Innovation

  • Building one of the largest consumer web businesses in Ontario
  • Currently has 11 employees
  • Plans to hire another 20 in the next 18 months

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