Success Story



It might not have been a traditional “Eureka!” moment, but Nick May knew he had discovered something unique while experimenting with different chemical ingredients at age 14. As a first year chemistry student at Carleton University, he used this discovery to create a product that improves a habitual routine for women – shaving.

May created Vanilla Shower Time, a soft gel stick that is water-activated and rolled on in place of shaving cream. Besides shaving valuable minutes off a woman’s routine, the product is portable, has antibacterial and moisturizing benefits, and avoids many of the harmful ingredients found in shaving creams.

Despite not having a background in business, May founded REMAY and took on full responsibility for marketing his innovation. He received business training from several resources including the ELP-supported Ottawa Young Entrepreneurs (OYE) and Invest Ottawa, which provided crucial market intelligence and business analysis services that accelerated his product’s development-to-market time.

Vanilla Shower Time is currently sold at 70 Canadian retailers, and May promises it will be the first of many innovative products from his shower collection. REMAY’s success to date has earned May several entrepreneurial awards and he will represent Canada in the 2013 Enactus Global Competition in Washington, D.C. He recently pitched his business on CBC’s Dragon’s Den to gain follow-on investment, and results will be made public when the episode airs in late 2013.

Return on Innovation

  • Offering a first-of-its-kind product in a global market projected to reach $33.3 billion by 2015
  • May named the 2013 Student Entrepreneur National Champion by Enactus Canada, 2012 National Nicol Entrepreneurial Award Finalist and the 2012 Dragon’s Den student pitch competition winner

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