Success Story

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada/Maplesoft/University of Waterloo


A core mandate of Ontario Centres of Excellence is bringing together the province’s diverse business sector and its academic institutions to collaborate, create and problem solve with an eye to enhancing Ontario’s economic prosperity.

A prime example of the impact of bringing industry and academia together is the collaboration between Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC), Maplesoft and the University of Waterloo (illustrated on this page in Waterloo’s new anechoic chamber).

OCE supported a collaborative research project to develop sophisticated software that speeds up the vehicle design process allowing TMMC to build safer, more efficient vehicles faster than their competitors. The project is led by modeling and control expert Dr. John McPhee, University of Waterloo.

This unique partnership, which also attracted significant funding from several other sources, helps Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada introduce new innovations as an automotive leader and manufacturer in Ontario.

Waterloo-based Maplesoft is commercializing the research in the form of innovative design, modeling and simulation products that will create access to new markets.

Building on the success of the initial collaboration, OCE is now supporting a project to help TMMC develop and commercialize green automotive technologies for the electric Toyota RAV4 EV, Lexus RX 450h Hybrid and the electric RAV 4 SUV – being built right here in Ontario.