Success Story


GaitTronics team, (right) Aliasgar Morbi with the GaitEnable robot.

A patient who walks just 15 minutes a day during a hospital stay recovers faster and goes home sooner at significant savings to the healthcare system. To make early mobilization therapy safer and easier, GaitTronics has developed a unique robotic patient handling device called GaitEnable. It reduces the number of staff required to mobilize a patient, prevents patient falls, and reduces caregiver injuries.

Co-founder and CTO Aliasgar Morbi received OCE’s $50,000 one-year Martin Walmsley Fellowship in 2013 to help build the company, which started at Carleton University.

Return on Innovation

  • Company will deliver a unit to its first customer, the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre, this fall, and is in the process of setting up pilot studies at two more Ontario sites
  • Aiming to place units in the top 10 rehabilitation institutions in North America by 2016

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